Uniforms AccesSories and Dues




Standard Uniform (Men and Women): US $420.00 + shipping and processing


Uniform orders may only be placed once membership has been approved and documented. All uniform orders must be placed directly through the Order


Men's standard dress swords: US $135.00 + shipping and processing


Swords may only be ordered through our craftsmen once membership has been approved and documented.


The Sword of King Solomon can only be obtained with the express written approval of the International Council.


This sword comes with different colored hilts:


Red and gold: International Council Members

Blue and gold: Grand Masters.


Should a member wish to purchase a mounted replica of the Sword of King Soloman for display purposes, they are free to do so once their membership has been approved. Mounted replicas are designed with a black and gold hilt and is not allowed or accepted for use in Investitures.


Sword of King Solomon - US $185.00 + shipping and processing

This sword may only be obtained with the approval of The International Council.


Templar Dagger - US $105.00 + shipping and processing

This may only be obtained by approval from the Grand Masters and the International Council.


All swords and daggers are blunted for safety reasons and are not to be altered or tampered with in any way. These are ceremonial or artistic pieces solely intended for ceremonial or display purposes.



Standard Medals - US $35.00 + shipping and processing.

**Please note that all medals can be forged using precious metals at a premium cost which is also dependent on market prices on the day of ordering.


If sanctions are imposed against a member of the Order, his/her medals must be returned to the International Council. These will be returned to the member once he/she has earned back their rank and regalia.


Mantles belong to the Order at all times: The mantle displays the Order's Coat of Arms and must be returned to the Order upon the departure of a member of the Order. Exceptions can be made in special cases once an Executive Decree has been issued. In such a case, the information relating to the Decree will be posted under the News section of the Order website.


The dress uniform sword, once purchased by a member will forever remain their property.


The Uniform: Belongs to the Knight/Dame once purchased. The uniforms do however display symbols of the Order which must be returned upon departure of a member.


The uniform accessories; Hat badge, Coat of Arms, shoulder epaulettes and Member ID numbers for the neck belong to the Order; these must be removed from the Uniform, and returned to the nearest Priory. (These accessories can be removed without damaging the Uniform.)



All fully pledged members are legally entitled to call themselves a Knight/Dame in The Imperial Order of Truth, once they have received all of their official membership documentation from the Order.


Incorporating your given rank and title into your correspondence:

A member named William H. Smith Doe, ranked a Knight of The Imperial Order of Truth would be:

Sir William H. Smith KoT

A member named William H. Smith ranked a Knight Commander of The Imperial Order of Truth would be:

Sir William H. Smith KCoT

Newly approved members of the Order will receive their Official Documents and Regalia once their membership donation is paid in full.


Patricipation Levels:


All fully pledged members of the Order donate a minimum of US $250.00 annually + associated costs (uniforms, medals, regalia, etc)


A minimum donation of $500.00 + associated costs (uniforms, medals, regalia, etc) apply to the following ranks:

International Council Grand Masters

International Council Masters

International Council Commanders

Country Grand Masters

Country Masters

Country Grand Commanders


Medals are purchased directly through the Order by members within 30 days of receipt of newly obtained rank/status. All medal comes with a certificate of authenticity and document image of the medal, its importance and the recipient's name.


All Knight Grand Cross- Knight Commanders- Knights/Dames are required to purchase the Medal of Truth (Order Medal).

Honorary Members may only purchase the regalia which is relevant to their respective Rank/Title:


Honorary and fully-pledged members will receive official documentation complete with registration number to support their position within The Imperial Order of Truth. All official documentation will be contain the Royal Seal including the Coat of Arms of The Imperial Order of Truth and the Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich and signature of the SGM.


There are twelve (12) different medals which may be earned in The Imperial Order of Truth.


All medals and regalia adorning a member's uniform must be approved by the International Council. This refers to medals and regalia from Alliance partners as well as official Imperial Order of Truth medals and regalia in order to verify its authenticity. Sanctions will be imposed on any member caught wearing unauthorized medals or regalia as this is a breach of the Golden Rules.


All Members who are ranked under RED or BLUE crosses are obligated to Purchase their medals within 30 days of receiving confirmation of their status upgrade.


Members must pay a deposit for their own medals and regalia. This deposit is minimal and only covers manufacturing, shipping and a nominal processing fee. All medals and regalia remain the property of The Imperial Order of Truth (see "Roles and Sanctions" section), and as such, must be returned to the Order should one lose their right to wear them. Once received by the Order, the member can choose to receive a refund of their deposit or they may donate the deposit to the Order and receive a tax receipt for their contribution.


The Medals may only be purchased once a member has achieved and approved status upgrade the Councils in the Order.


Sword - Mantle - Uniforms


The Order has Standard Uniforms for both Knights and Dames which must be purchased through the Order. The uniform is required for meetings, investitures and other Order-related special events.


Standard Dress Protocol:


Men: Jacket, trousers, cap, relevant medals, regalia and mantle.

Women: Jacket, skirt, cap, relevant medals, regalia and mantle.


The Order Mantle must be worn during Ceremonies, Parades, Gala Banquets, Investitures and other high-level events


The cost of the Order Mantle: US $150.oo + shipping and processing


The Mantle Crest is the property of the Order and as such must be removed from the mantle and returned to the Order if a member leaves the Order for any reason.




The Swords of The Imperial Order of Truth are lifesized, hand-crafted replicas of those carried by the original Knights Templar. This finely recreated piece is the Gold edition featuring a dark stained hilt,"Knights Templar Sword of Light" and may only be obtained through the Order.


The Sword of King Solomon is only used for Ceremonial purposes including investitures and only by the SGM or CGMs. King Solomon built the great temple to God Almighty. Therefore, it is only fitting that this sword be utilized to invest our Brothers and Sisters.


King Solomon's sword can be acquired by Knights on the International Council, and by the individual Country Grand Masters (CGMs)


The Templar Dagger. A Knight's last line of defense from an attacker was his dagger. It is used as a symbol of the defense provided by the Order to its members and as a reminder that the Order is ALWAYS there for its members and will always be their backstop under the general rules of the Order.

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All donors will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes

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