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The Imperial Order of Truth is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization which relies solely on the financial contribution of its members, sponsors and private donors wishing to give to a charity with an emphasis on helping those in need of:


  • clean, safe drinking water
  • emergency/disaster relief food supplies
  • affordable housing
  • agricultural equipment and bio-technologies
  • sewage treatment
  • renewable energy technologies
  • water purification technologies including desalinization
  • aquaculture development in arid regions
  • healthcare and medical technologies
  • environmental clean-up where required
  • schools
  • roads and bridges
  • telecommunications


These tax-deductible charitable contributions also help to offset operational expenses for the Order. Joint venture partners, private and institutional investments are required on all humanitarian projects.


The Imperial Order of Truth’s vision is clear. The Order is in the planning stages of a massive deployment designed to encompass multiple humanitarian missions internationally. These missions will be implemented on an as-needed basis and will provide much-needed assistance in developing essential infrastructure, housing, agricultural systems and technologies, as well as providing access to environmental cleanup and medical containment products and technologies as well as educational services. These technologies and services are paramount to the sustainment of any society. The projects will require massive investment and many volunteers.




The Imperial Order of Truth stands united in a common purpose, we can effect positive change on those in need. Through our extensive networks and alliances, we are set to make a difference in the lives of millions through our humanitarian initiatives.


As a fellow humanitarian, it is your duty to assist where possible and as such, we would ask that you kindly consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Imperial Order of Truth either through our secure payment system by clicking on the



link or contact



The names of those who donate 50 US Dollars or more will be entered on the Wall of Honor page of this website along with their country of residence.


If you wish to discuss sponsorship of any of the Order’s humanitarian missions please contact us directly at

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~Thank you for your Support~


We are extremely grateful for all donations

The Imperial Order of Truth is a registered Non-Profit, NGO

Charitable Registration # CVR-nr.34769249 - n.e.c. 94.99.00 Denmark

All donors will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes

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