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Crusade of Compassion


Now that you have had to opportunity to browse our website, do you think that have what it takes to commit yourself to a life of service to others? If so, please take a few minutes to fill out our Membership Application and Questionnaire and join us in our Crusade of Compassion


Once your application for membership has been received and reviewed by the International Council, you will be contacted via email with the Council’s decision. Once a decision has been rendered, you will be informed of your Rank and Position in The Imperial Order of Truth. Ranks are granted based on your qualifications and particular skillsets.




Please note that not all who apply will be accepted as full members. However, should you wish to participate by becoming a “Member-at-Large” without having to obligate yourself entirely to the Order, please see below.


The Imperial Order of Truth is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization. As such, the Order is dependent upon the contributions of its Members, Sponsors, Donors and Members-at -Large. An annual Donation is appreciated from all members of the Order.


Anyone may contribute by way of a tax-deductible charitable donation (tax receipt provided at time of donation) and become a “Member-at-Large” or "Shadow Knight". There are no further obligations once you donate. As a “Member-at-Large”, your name and country of residence will be permanently etched on our “Wall of Honor".


“Members-at-Large” or “Shadow Knights” are positions which may be attained with no further obligation or commitment to the Order should you be unable to make a long-term physical commitment. However, "Members-at-Large" and "Shadow Knights" have no any voting rights within the Order and it is strictly an honorary position within the Order. Shadow Knights support the Order externally and assist where and when they can.


Shadow Knights are always invited to Special Events and Ceremonies, but not general meetings.

An Honorary Knight/Dame is also eligible for consideration for medals and other honors for merit and recognition.


Granted Ranks:


All new members begin their journey as a Knight/Dame, Esquire or Commander.


The International Council or Superior Grand Master alone will, upon evaluation, grant and appoint promotion to individual members according to their progress within the Order. Members may also recommend fellow members for promotion within the Order. These recommendations will be reviewed by the IC and SGM for their consideration.


For more information contact:

To become a Shadow Knight please click on the Donate Button below



The Imperial Order of Truth is a registered Non-Profit, NGO

Charitable Registration # CVR-nr.34769249 - n.e.c. 94.99.00 Denmark

All donors will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes

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