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Hundreds of millions of OUR Brothers and Sisters around the world are in great need of assistance, and as messengers of God, we are not just called upon to love one another “with words or tongue but with actions and in truth” - 1 John 3:18.


The Lord is an amazing archetype of exhibiting love and satisfying the needs of those around Him.


As we endeavor to live a life worthy of our Creator, our mission is to be a Christian Chivalric Order that is committed to meeting the needs of OUR Brothers and Sisters who are; oppressed, impoverished, physically and mentally challenged, those who cannot defend themselves, and victims of evil around the world.







Now, we call upon YOU!

Together we Can make a Difference!

The Imperial Order of Truth is a registered Non-Profit, NGO

Charitable Registration # CVR-nr.34769249 - n.e.c. 94.99.00 Denmark

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